January 03, 2007

SubSonic in WinForms or DLL

I was recently trying to get SubSonic integrated into my Business Layer DLL, which compiled with my web project, and found a great tool in the SubSonic forums. It was a bit of a nuisance to manually do this after each release but thanks to DevInstinct in the forum who has created a Custom Tool add-in for VS 2005 to allow you to use SubSonic in a DLL or EXE (You can use it in Web Application Projects and WinForms too).

This is great because now I can properly separate my Presentation Layer with my Business Layer and package SubSonic in only the Business Layer project! Scale away! This tool is great so go check it out and show support for it so we can get it added to a future SubSonic release.

P.S. I don't pay too much attention to punctuation or properly formatted paragraphs, enjoy ;-) oh and Happy New Year!

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