August 24, 2006

The thing about me

I always find myself thinking
Of the way things should play out
Imagination sees only what it wants
And memories jump in to taunt
You know there's a chance out of two
That it can play out a certain way for you
So you dream of your victory
And raise your arms triumphantly
You've acheived it all
But back to reality you fall
Even if you win, you still lose
But you live to fight another day

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The Way I Think of You

It's static, It's automatic
The way I think of you, It's tragic
So sadly, So badly
The way I think of you, So madly
And pathetic, And aesthetic
The way I think of you, And poetic
You're empowering, You're cowering
The way I think of you, You're devouring
Always breaking, Always taking
The way I think of you, Always shaking
It's above, It's hugs
The way I think of you, It's love

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August 23, 2006

A New Way of Tracking Users' Browsing Habits

Extremely clever way of seeing where the web surfer has been using Javascript.

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August 20, 2006

If only the thoughts in my mind were real

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories, I dont need them
Take yourself with all your reasons

Did I ever cross your mind
As much as you've crossed mine?
Just cant live like this anymore
Its been too long and you're gone

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August 19, 2006

Going Just a Little Crazy

I'm going just a little crazy lately. Hit a real nice slump. I've been working my ass off and I really need a work break man! I want to go somewhere far, like a vacation. Some place nice like maybe the beaches of Mexico or Hawaii. Yea Hawaii sounds good. Lets see to stay in Maui it looks like about $1,000 for 3 nights including round trip airfare and a rental car... not bad! Damn this looks so tempting! I can take a friday off as well as a monday then leave friday morning get there by the afternoon, check in... stay all three days then get back on Monday! SWEET!! Damn I've wanted to travel sooo bad!! Too bad I'll end up going by myself, but oh well!!

Ok now to make plans...

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August 08, 2006

Liquid Time Machine Freezes Drops Mid Fall

This is so cool! An impressive hack using UV strobe lights, luminescent-dyed water, and a timer to create the illusion of water stopping in the air, slowing down the splashes into the pool beneath, and even travelling upward. You have to see it to believe it.

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