November 29, 2006

SubSonic - Sweet!

I've been using SubSonic: The Zero Code DAL (formerly known as actionpack) for about two months now and I LOVE IT! SubSonic is a tool that helps a website build itself. Remember how long it took to write your SQL Data Access Layer? Well SubSonic takes care of all of that for you in a real-time ORM Mapping manner and even incorporates Views and Stored Procedures too!

My favorite part of SubSonic is that since I've started using it I haven't had to write ANY Data Access Layer functions at all. SubSonic takes care of everything. I can get a DataSet in my business layer by simply calling something like:

Public Function QueryAllProducts() as DataSet
Return New Query(Tables.Products).ExecuteDataSet()
End Function

That's it!! Also looking at the code you can see: Tables.Products... Yes, everything is Strongly-Typed too, even the Stored Procedures! The project is still under development but it's certainly a strong build, a few applications have already been built using SubSonic. So certainly join the community and give SubSonic a try.

Check out the 20 minute demo webcast:

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November 13, 2006

ATLAS: POST is slower than GET

A good article explaining that ATLAS defaults to POST when calling back and that POST is generally slower than calling a GET. However GET only supports strings, dates and numerals. The article goes on and shows how to implement a GET statement from your web service.

Very handy if you're looking to increase performance on your AJAX.NET app, if applicable of course :)

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November 02, 2006

Choosing Between VB.NET and C#

Good article on choosing between the two languages. A lot of people look at VB.NET differently because of the older VB6. However VB.NET is just as powerful as C#, minus the ability to break out of managed code - which in a lot of cases is not recommended. Anyways, take a look at the article you'll find VB.NET is just like C# ~ And my personal opinion reflects this too. I can write C# just as well as I can VB.NET.

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November 01, 2006

Debug Javascript in Visual Studio 2005

I haven't posted in a while but came across something worthy and helpful! It's an article on how to debug javascript with VS2005! This is definitely going to come in handy. Just finished one of my other sites and can now move on to the project I've been excited about!! Debugging javascript will be intense so this came just in time.

Debug JS with VS2005

P.S. I needed to add some images, it was just too "texty" here.

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